Why are they Leaving?

What’s Really Happening?

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September 2021. Resignations have been consistently high for several months, reaching a record 10.4 million open positions at the end of August. This number becomes even more concerning when you realize there are currently 1 million more available jobs than unemployed Americans of working age.

What’s Causing This?

We’re sure there are many reasons for this Great Resignation, but three, in particular, stand out to us.

How Can You Stop It?

One of the best ways to turn things around before you find yourself losing your top talent en masse due to The Great Resignation is actually pretty simple: start thinking about how you can improve employee engagement. Engaged workers stay at their jobs longer than those simply putting in their time or who aren’t engaged.



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Shawna Lake

Shawna Lake

Founder of Deep End Talent Strategies-keeping job seekers and employers connected to what the other side needs and wants in today’s job market.