Use Mock Job Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

Shawna Lake
3 min readDec 3, 2020

It is natural to feel nervous about job interviews. But you can use mock interviews to gain confidence and make a better impression on a potential employer.

Preparing for a Mock Interview

1. Do your research. Act like you are preparing for the real thing, starting with comprehensive research. Identify the industry and the type of position you want. It may be helpful to use an actual job description from a specific company to keep you focused.

2. Rehearse answers to common questions. Put together a list of questions that are likely to get asked in an interview. Practice a brief opening statement describing your qualifications. Later, you can customize this for each situation. Go over your job history to extract several success stories that demonstrate your abilities.

3. Develop your questions. Brainstorm relevant questions you can ask to demonstrate your interest and knowledge about the job opening. Find out how industry trends are affecting your potential employer. Clarify aspects of the organizational culture that may not be described in its written materials.

4. Choose your mock interviewer carefully. A friend who works in human resources may be an ideal choice. People with a managerial position in your chosen field can also be helpful. Look for someone who can devote adequate time and take the task seriously.

5. Discuss your goals. Have a preliminary talk with the person who is helping you. Share what you want to achieve with them. Let them know that you appreciate candid feedback on your entire performance, from body language to verbal responses. An outside observer can help you identify any distracting mannerisms you may have.

6. Dress the part. Wear your interview suit or the most appropriate attire for their culture (research is always key). It will help put you into the right mindset and give your friend a chance to confirm that you are dressing appropriately.

Conducting a Mock Interview

1. Record your session. A video or audio recording provides helpful documentation. You will be able to see how much you really fidget or how often you insert the word “like” into your sentences.

2. Repeat as often as possible. Schedule as many drills as you need to get comfortable and competent with the interview process. Ask your friend to vary their questions and approach each time. Keep track of your progress.

3. Work on your greeting and closing. Everything you do contributes to the impression you make on your potential employer. Prepare concise closing statements that sound natural while expressing your gratitude and enthusiasm.

4. Finish up with a debriefing. Review every session with the person helping you. Gather all the advice you can. Write down what you need to work on and the areas where you succeed in making improvements.

5. Consider professional services. If you want to go a step further, explore professional services. Deep End Talent Strategies offers affordable, professional mock interview coaching. Schedule Today.

The more you practice, the better you will perform at your actual interview. Mock interviews can make you stand out as a better candidate in this competitive job market.



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