• Analyze turnover statistics to know who is leaving the organization
  • Conduct exit surveys to understand why they are leaving
  • Act based on what you hear, that may include process improvements, managerial changes, and leadership training (studies still show that quality of leadership is the #1 reason people leave businesses, specifically their direct supervisor)
  • Foster stronger communications, ensure all employees feel like they are important enough to be kept informed about the business, its customers, leadership, goals, and financial results
  • Periodically benchmark compensation and benefits to remain competitive
  • Conduct stay interviews, check in with employees to find out what keep them engaged and motivated
  • Create succession plans for business continuity AND to give employees inspiration about what future opportunities exist for them within the company



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Shawna Lake

Shawna Lake

Founder of Deep End Talent Strategies-keeping job seekers and employers connected to what the other side needs and wants in today’s job market.