Identify and Develop High Potential Employees

1. What is succession planning and why is it important?

Succession planning is a process that identifies high-potential employees and ensures they are prepared to take on more significant roles as leadership positions become available. This is important because it allows your company to maintain continuity in unexpected departures or vacancies. By preparing future leaders for success, you’re ensuring that your company will remain strong no matter what happens.

2. How can you identify high potential employees?

There are many ways to identify high potential employees, but some of the most common methods include using performance metrics, conducting interviews, and succession planning tools.

3. How can you prepare high-potential employees for future success?

There are many ways to prepare high-potential employees for future success. Still, some of the most common strategies include developing their skillsets, identifying opportunities for professional growth, and providing mentorship.

4. Benefits of having an internal candidate pool

The hiring process can be challenging and time-consuming, so hiring the best candidate for a role has never been more critical.

5. Tips for developing an effective succession plan

Developing a succession plan is essential for hiring the best possible candidates.



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Shawna Lake

Shawna Lake

Founder of Deep End Talent Strategies-keeping job seekers and employers connected to what the other side needs and wants in today’s job market.