Don’t be scared of feedback this Halloween Season

Feed·​back | \ ˈfēd-ˌbak \

1) Successful feedback is correlated to existing relationships.

For feedback to be the most effective, credibility and trust must be in place. Feedback outside of a relationship based on these elements is exceedingly difficult to give and receive. Intentionally setting about to strengthen relationships within an organization create a foundation for feedback to be exchanged and accepted.

2) Build feedback into routines.

Many people are uncomfortable giving and receiving feedback and, to make themselves more comfortable, they procrastinate or push off offering feedback until either an annual review or a situation has escalated to emergent proportions. One way to reduce the stress response that occurs when receiving constructive criticism is to build it into daily routines. Asking for specific and timely feedback on a regular basis can also build a culture where feedback is not just accepted but sought after as a means for improvement.



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Shawna Lake

Founder of Deep End Talent Strategies-keeping job seekers and employers connected to what the other side needs and wants in today’s job market.