Creating Great Remote Interviews

The Benefits of Remote Interviews

One of the primary benefits of using a virtual interview tool is the scheduling flexibility and efficiency it offers to both the applicant and the interviewer.

The Drawbacks of Zoom Interviews

Even though a larger portion of the workforce has been exposed to virtual meeting platforms and is familiar with the technology, remote interviews still have some drawbacks. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the lack of face-to-face engagement and the inability to read non-verbal cues.

Conducting Great Zoom Interviews

Great remote interviews rest on two key pillars: preparation and presentation. For instance, before you conduct an interview, ensure that your office is well prepared for any technical issues that might arise; there should be no distractions in the form of music or other people talking when you’re interviewing someone. Make sure to silence your notifications and mute your phone, and prepare a clean, well-lit, distraction-free area to conduct the interviews.

  1. Develop a Solid Process
  1. Test Your Tech Setup
  1. Prepare the Candidate
  1. Use a Customized Interview Script
  1. You Are in the Hot Seat Too

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

There are a few things to keep in mind that are unique to remote interviews.



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Shawna Lake

Shawna Lake

Founder of Deep End Talent Strategies-keeping job seekers and employers connected to what the other side needs and wants in today’s job market.